The North Shore AgroEcology Center

a project of
The Organic Consumers Association.

image008Nestled in the heart of Finland, the North Shore AgroEcology Center is being developed as a showcase of Regenerative Agriculture for the Minnesota north woods by the Organic Consumers Association. Regenerative Agriculture is an approach to agriculture that restores degraded soils, sequesters carbon, enhances ecological diversity and improves the economic livelihood of farmers.

The North Shore AgroEcology Center bears the mission of education, research and demonstration of Regenerative Agriculture principles and practices, specifically adapted to the mixed conifer/hardwood forest found in this region. The goal is to assist & encourage landowners who wish to produce food using regenerative practices, to educate consumers, and to provide healthy, nutrient-rich produce for the local residents and tourists through on-site production and coordinating regional production efforts.

As the North Shore AgroEcology Center continues to develop, it will incorporate bees, mushrooms, fruit trees, berries, grapes, hops, hazelnuts, annual & perennial vegetables, winter produced greens, maple syrup, medicinal & culinary herbs, composting systems, biochar production, workshops, tours and events.

The North Shore AgroEcology Center is located at 6783 S Silver Hill Dr, Finland, MN 55603

Phone: (218) 226-4164

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