Wild Forest Farm

49997589_1958504964444708_2078011383756095488_nWild Forest Farm is a small farm nestled in the hillsides of the Sawtooth Mountain Range. The farm began in 2007 with the arrival of 3 Scottish Highland cattle. We have developed a passion for this breed over the years and now have a small fold here on the hillside. Also on the farm lives a flock of laying hens that provide eggs for our use and for us to sell. We enjoy the homesteading lifestyle and find it beneficial to our way of life. We take great pride in raising our animals along with our passion comes our commitment for caring for these beautiful animals. Watching them enjoy Gods country as we do is a great blessing. We feed them and in turn they feed us.

Wild Forest Farm is located near Finland, MN.

Phone: (218) 353-7568
Email: wildforestfarm07@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WildForestFarm/
Products: chicken eggs, chicken, beef, pork, worms, worm castings and composted cow and chicken manure.