Have You Seen the “This is Finland” Video Yet?

Check out this cool video about Finland, MN! It was filmed by a Finnish film crew from the Finnish TV channel YLE as part of the celebration of Finland (the country)’s centennial celebration. You can see the original version here: https://areena.yle.fi/1-4301503

As you can see when you watch the film, we all had so much fun with this film crew! They visited so many places in our town and talked to so many people. That’s one of the really fun things about the film, that so many of our citizens appear in it, not only in the interviews, but in the background activities.

Many local businesses and organizations appear as well. Obviously they couldn’t fit them all, but there is a good variety. The Finland Co-op is featured pretty prominently. Also included are the Maple Grove Motel, the Our Place, the Clair Nelson Community Center, St. Urho, Baptism River Community Church, Kallinen Logging, the West Branch Bar and Grill, the Finland MN Historical Society, the Finland Post Office, Trestle Inn, and an interview with Bonnie Tikkanen, owner of the Four Seasons Supper Club.

Someone I know, upon watching the film remarked, “That was the first international film I’ve ever seen where I knew all the characters.” And what a cast of characters! If you know Finland, Minnesota, hopefully this film fills you with pride and makes you laugh. If you’ve never been to Finland, Minnesota, I betcha you are going to want to visit.

This is Finland. Welcome to Finland!

9 thoughts on “Have You Seen the “This is Finland” Video Yet?

    1. You mention Larry Lindholm in your comment…
      I’m originally from Ely and went to grade-school with a ‘Larry Lindholm’.
      It would be fun to say hello to him after all these years; we had some good laughs in Mr. Jensen’s 6th grade. Fun stuff.
      Thank you.


  1. Hello Larry ( Lindholm ), Many Thanks for sharing WTFinland video! Cool place & people. Wow that Cast Iron Pot – Chile Cornbread Rocked.


  2. I was there in 1955/1956. I don’t remember any of this. They were building Crystal bay when I was there. WHERE IS FINLAND? I only remember a few cabins????


    1. Finland is just over the hill from Crystal Bay – our official municipality is called Crystal Bay Township. Are you thinking of Silver Bay? Silver Bay is close by – about 10 miles. Finland has been here since 1895 – people are a little spread out, but it is quite the community.


      1. Yes, it was silver bay. Which way from there was Finland? I thought it was at the bottom of the road up to the air base? Was it towards grand maray? sp?


      2. The Air Base (which is basically abandoned now) was considered part of the Finland community, so yes, Finland is the area surrounding the old Air Base.


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